New Corporate Headquarters!!

Scantek Infomanagement Solutions Announces Its New Corporate Headquarters



– The world has gone digital… is your company ready? Companies have been backing up data files for years but have often ignored their paper files, letting employees store them in filing cabinets until they fade, yellow with age, or eventually are lost forever!
In today’s age of Enron, HIPAA compliance, Sarbanes-Oxley requirements and general compliance laws, the importance of having ALL of your documents secured & backed up is a necessity for your organizations future.

Enter Scantek Infomanagement Solutions, with a new and expanded Corporate
Headquarters, Sales Office and Production Facilities. The 30,000 square foot building is located at 1100 Easton Road in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. For 47 years, Scantek has built its reputation on assisting emerging growth enterprises, middle market companies and multi-national conglomerates with document & data storage/retrieval solutions. Due to tremendous growth and industry demand over the past several years, Scantek has experienced over a 65% increase in revenues and is now converting (Scanning/Microfilming) between 4 and 5 million images a week. Scantek, Inc. ( currently has 120 employees and is expected to expand its workforce to 200 by the end of 2007.

The success of Scantek is based on exceeding customer expectations in service and technical innovation for their infomanagement clients in a wide range of industries, and their ability to customize imaging solutions based on these industries. They deliver quality document scanning, microfilming, Indexing, secure short- term storage, and shredding in a customized, scalable way to suit every budget, department or enterprise. Scantek is dedicated to service, and is committed to keeping up with the latest developments in the information management arena. Scantek is also strategically aligned with several worldwide technology solution providers, which include alliances with Iron Mountain, Siemens Medical Solutions, and Kodak.

“Our expanded operations in Willow Grove will enable Scantek to better support the rapid growth of our local as well as international clients/alliance partners, by offering them the latest advancements in our field of expertise,” said James Simone, Vice President of Scantek Infomanagement Solutions. “Our organization offers a 21st century solution for an under-served management solution market and we are excited about the extensive benefits we can provide.”

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