Specific Solutions for Specific Challenges

At Scantek, our unique approach to document and information management is what sets us apart. While other companies throw the “software of the minute” at a problem or use generalists rather than specialists, at Scantek, we carefully analyze your workflow, existing systems and human resources to create solutions that are both industry and company specific. All of our solutions are scalable to adapt, respond and grow to your changing requirements in order to help you determine whether to internalize or outsource the necessary solution. In addition, our scanning solutions strive to deliver industry-standard formats of TIFF, PDF and JPEG.


Learn more about our process and dedication to quality control to discover how Scantek can help your organization meet its information management challenges. Find out more about the software we utilize, including Alchemy from Open Text, Treeno Software, and Laserfiche.


Visit our industry solutions section for an overview of how we service clients from education to manufacturing and more.