Scantek’s Infomanagement Solutions are meeting client’s needs, small or large, from standalone to enterprise wide. Participation in our Alliance Partner Program helps you establish and maintain long-term and successful relationships, offering you the solutions and services to support attractive margins, ensuring profitable revenue.

Scantek has the experience and know-how to easily guide you thru the re-sell process, with 5 Decades of Document Imaging Experience, Best in Class Customer Service, Highly Trained Staff, State-of-the-Art Facility and Scalable Document Management Solutions. We’re your Partner – Not your Vendor!

Value-Added Resellers

In today’s competitive marketplace, a company is often forced to utilize all of its available resources just to service and retain this customer base in order to remain viable. Because of the amount of time and energy required to accomplish this task, the idea of growing your business by expanding product lines or opening new divisions…becomes an opportunity that seems out of reach.


Experience the Benefits of Scantek’s VARs

Scantek’s Valued Added Reseller (VAR) Program gives its partners the benefit of doing both – retaining customers and growing their business – all without initial investment, training costs, overhead or inventory. Scantek’s VARs have the unique opportunity to tap into the fast-growing infomanagement market with the support of an industry leader whose expertise comes from over 40 years of document management experience, and is driven by the power of top-rated software solutions.


Add Value, Create New Revenue Streams

By integrating your current customer base with Scantek’s products and services, you offer more value to your customers while creating new revenue streams for you now, and residual income for the future. By bringing more solutions to your customers, you build stronger relationships for your core business, opening new opportunities for long-term growth.


A Network that Works

With clients from coast to coast, Scantek’s own customer base brings yet another level of networking opportunities to qualified VARs. So whether you are in the document/information management industry or simply have customers or industry partners who share the challenge of managing paper and space, have HIPAA compliance or disaster recovery needs, and ultimately rely on efficient access to their information…Scantek’s VAR Program is the answer.

Ideal industries include, but are not limited to: Paper Storage and Retrieval Companies, Healthcare Service/Product Providers, Copier Service/Product Providers, Network/IT Organizations, Consulting Firms, Office Supply Companies, Temp Agencies, and more.

Program Benefits
  • Attract new clients
  • Experienced, Innovative and Responsive Partner
  • Day 1 Experts from Step-by-Step
    Training, Marketing and Pre-Sales
  • Increase Revenue from Software,
    Hardware and Professional Services
  • Best in Class Customer Service
  • Comprehensive and Customizable
    Document Management Solutions
  • State of the Art, Compliant, World
    Class Facility
  • Impeccable References in Every
    Market for Partner use
  • Highly Trained and Experienced Staff
    ensures Reliable Quality
  • 24/7 Help Desk Support