About Scantek

With more than 50 years of experience, Scantek is at the forefront of document imaging technology. Our national and international clients look to us for conversion services, microfilming, scanning, data entry, total imaging system implementation, facilities management, and the sale of hardware and software.

With the capability to scan or film millions of images per customer, per week, no challenge is too big or too small. Whether you use our software of choice or have already invested in one of the dozens of others available in the market, Scantek will deliver a customized solution to meet your needs.

Scantek also utilizes “Alchemy”, one of the top-rated software solutions in the world for archival storage and retrieval, which we have installed in many corporations and institutions throughout the country. With Alchemy, more than 20,000 scanned pages can be stored on a single CD or millions on a hard drive/server.

To find out more about how Scantek can help you manage your information for the demands of today’s business or organizational environment, contact us today toll-free at (888) SCANTEK or by email,sales@scantek.info/.

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