Our corporate headquarters and production facility is located in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia.


The facility has multiple levels of security. We have certified Fire, Flood, & Burglary protection throughout our building with central monitoring to all authorities. Security cameras are staged throughout the interior of the building and at all entrances/exits.

All employees & guests can only gain access to the building with an electronic ID card or by checking in after credentials are validated. Entrances to specific production areas inside of Scantek where the documents reside are additionally secured with a coded locking system that only authorized employees are permitted access.

  • 24/7 Fire & Burglar Alarm with Central Station monitoring
  • Security camera’s located throughout the entire building
  • Employee ID’s issued for all staffing as well as employee criminal background checks
  • 2nd tier security check at every entrance exist to validate Scantek employee is permitted access

High Volume Imaging Services

Scantek has the latest in high-speed imaging technology, for every document type, from Kodak & Fujitsu. Our normal weekly processing output is in excess of 4 million pages! Scantek’s many varieties of document scanners can image files of all shapes, sizes, & condition. Scantek is tasked regularly with high volume one off & ongoing projects that have rigid turnarounds or special requirements.

  • High speed latest imaging technology from Kodak
  • Imaging Scanners for every document type
  • Full time staff of 100 + to convert up to 4 million pages weekly!

File Indexing & Quality Control Process

Scantek manages the entire imaging process internally with our employees/management. There is no outsourcing or sharing client information with 3rd party sources. Scantek has installed a multiple station Q/C process whereby we can offer “image by image” or “double-keyed” indexing verification on any project. Every Scantek client is assigned a specific project manager so that as questions would arise on either the client’s side or the vendor, there is one single point of contact.

  • File indexing & Q/C completed by Scantek staffing under 24/7 supervision
  • Internal Project Managers assigned to every customer project