Unlike other information management companies, our dedication to service is not an afterthought. We provide the highest quality conversion services to thousands of clients throughout the nation. One of the keys to our continued success with our clients is that we have developed high-volume document conversion services without compromising our Quality Control Standards.

With so many years of experience with hospitals, pharmaceutical corporations, insurance companies, unions and government agencies, we have developed a systematic, specific approach to verifying the many steps of the imaging process to offer unsurpassed Quality Assurance. The security of our clients’ valuable data takes top priority during every step of the process.

Our production environment has integrated image and data quality control procedures that guarantee the highest quality assurance processing for our clients’ converted information. Each operator, in every stage of the conversion is tasked with quality control responsibilities at Scantek’s Production Facility.

As we engage with any new client, we review our quality control process with them and have the ability to incorporate other specific measures when necessary, according to the unique demands of the company or organization.

Our Process

Document Preparation

  • Labeled Boxes for each job are staged on pallets.
  • Staples and paperclips are removed, folds and tears are repaired and record separator target sheets are inserted.
  • Record counts are entered into Tracking System.
Document Scanning

Document Scanning

  • A scanning specialist runs tests to determine the optimal scanner and scanning application settings to achieve the best quality results for each jobs documents.
  • Boxes are scanned in order and are assigned to a series of scanning operators scheduled specifically for that job, for entire length of job.
  • Scanners have double feed sensors and images are checked for additional quality control and authentication of digital images.
  • Image and record counts are verified and then entered into the Tracking System.
Image Quality Control

Image Quality Control

  • Every image is checked, one by one, to ensure it is complete, clear and readable.
  • Questionable images are compared to the original document to ensure accuracy.
  • When necessary, documents are rescanned with customized settings.
  • Image and record counts are verified and then entered into the Tracking System.
Indexing / Data Entry

Indexing / Data Entry

  • In-House Data Entry is done based upon customer specified field requirements.
  • Images are checked for authentication when manual data entry is performed.
  • In some cases, clients supply a database so additional data can be merged with the manual data entry, reducing costs to the client.
  • Image and record counts are verified and entered into the Tracking System.
Final Validation / Quality Control

Final Validation / Quality Control

  • Each record is checked for authentication, and images are verified to file.
  • Indexing fields are checked for accuracy.
  • Images and record counts are then entered into Tracking System.
  • Quality Control/Assurance procedures are implemented at every level of production.
  • Our decades of experience have shown us that by performing these procedures, we can eliminate any problems quickly and efficiently.

Format for Customer Delivery

  • Files are processed into customer specific format for delivery
  • Image and record counts are entered into Tracking System.
  • There are many options available for receiving the final product. We’ll work with you to determine the best delivery method for your organization.